Vincent Sheheen serves in the South Carolina Senate representing Kershaw, Lancaster and Chesterfield Counties. First elected to the State Senate in 2004, he has proven to be an effective leader and tireless advocate for his constituents. He serves on the Finance; Education; Family and Veterans Affairs; Agriculture and Natural Resources; Fish, Game and Forestry; and Legislative Oversight Committees. 

Born and raised in Camden, Sheheen attended Kershaw County public schools. He earned his bachelor's degree from Clemson University, and then went on to attend law school at the University of South Carolina. He currently practices law in his hometown. Prior to being elected to public office in 2000, he served as prosecutor for the City of Camden. 

Vincent Sheheen currently ​lives in Camden, with his wife Amy. They have three sons— Joseph, Austin, and Anthony. 



It is truly an honor to serve the community I've lived in for my entire life. The wonderful, hardworking people of Kershaw, Lancaster, and Chesterfield deserve nothing but the best representation— and I'm proud to advocate on behalf of my neighbors each day that I'm in Columbia at the State House. 

We need experienced leadership at the State House to make sure the voices in Kershaw, Lancaster, and Chesterfield are heard. I've worked hard since 2004 to learn the intricacies of our legislative process and to build important relationships with colleagues on both sides of the aisle— making sure I'm able to secure vital funding and pass laws that benefit us back home. 

There is still much important work to be done, and I need your help to continue. I'd be humbled to earn your vote in 2020.